About us

I have always loved art. Photos, oils, mixed media, sculpture; you name it, I love it. So when I learned, during my early weeks of pregnancy, that I was having a little girl, the hunt for children's art work was on. This was a cross section of art I had never looked at before. And while I wasn't looking for a Piccaso like painting to hang over the cot, I naturally shied away from the 'cuter' prints that seemed to dominate the children's art space. Over the coming months, I became progressively disheartened with the lack of selection and having found nothing I liked, I sought a local London artist and commissioned a personalised piece of artwork. That same piece of artwork still hangs in my daughter's room 13 years later and it still looks great. I did the same for my son and the other two children that followed. The playdate years brought countless numbers of energetic children and their tired (but smiley) mums through our doors. In between the teas and biscuits and customary chats, one question almost always seemed to crop up: where did I buy my art? The seeds for the Chelsea Trading Company were sown.

Luckily, times have changed and while you can still commission your own piece of artwork, the internet means that you don't have to. The infinite choice of online products guarantees that with the right key word searches and enduring perseverance, you can find almost anything you're looking for. Hopefully, this is what has led you to our website. We are thrilled to share our artwork with and hope that you can appreciate what we have aimed to achieve in the children's art space. Each of our unique pieces are designed to never outgrow your child. Enjoy the selection. Envisage the piece. Embrace the concept. Every child is unique and different; shouldn't their artwork be the same?